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Logo školy We work according to the School Educational Program called "Já v naší škole" (Me in My School).

Except of ordinary classrooms the education is carried out in specialized classrooms for Physics, Chemistry, Science, Art (including ceramics kiln), Music and Craft. We use three classrooms fully equipped with computers, printers, scanners and data projectors. Teaching of PE takes place in two equipped gyms and also on modern school tartan court. Teachers and children also use a nice school garden. There are some other facilities which offer students more places to gather and meet in groups, such as a school canteen, an after-school club for young learners consisting of five departments and a school club for older students.


We put great emphasis on the practical usage of foreign languages. Our students are taught English oral and written language skills since the 3rd grade. Moreover, they are offered to study German, French or Russian since the 8th grade. Our school cooperates with the German twin school in Hauzenberg which is very beneficial for our students. Last year, we also joined the network of ELEC (European Language Examination Centre) partner centres. This enables our students to attend language preparation courses concluded with prestigious internationally recognised exams in English and German.

Rafty na Vltavě


For many years, we have been focusing on training the basic volleyball skills. In September 2012, we were awarded the certificate CVF´s Partner Schools (Czech Volleyball Federation). Each year, our school also holds one-week ski courses for the 7th grade students. Our 3rd and 4th graders attend regular swimming courses. We also regularly take part in sport events held by the Czech Association of Sports for Everyone. Each year, we offer a wide range of after-school programs focused on a variety of skills (sport, art, music activities, etc.). Check our current offer on the school webside.


The School Parliament includes representatives from the 5th-9th grades and has been working since year 2000. Students hold discussions on issues of importance and concern. They help to organize school as well as extracurricular activities and participate in long-term projects.

Den osobností


In February 2004, our teachers adopted Ann Carolyne Wanjiku Mwangi born in 1996 in Kenya. She is an excellent student. Since 2010 she has been studying in High School. Her dream is to become a doctor.
In February 2006, the School Parliament agreed on adopting a boy, Brian Omondi Ojwang, born in 2000 in Kisumu, Kenya.


Every year, the oldest students take care of the youngest ones from the 1st grade. Their main task is to help the small kids with their beginnings in our school. Moreover, they hold various funny actions for them. It starts with the welcoming ceremony on the 1st day of school and guided school tour. It is followed up by introducing children to the computers in the computer classrooms, kite flying tradition, St. Nicholas tradition, Christmas tradition and many other shared activities. On one hand the youngest kids look up to the 9th graders, on the other hand the oldest ones become real protectors and helpers at the same time. The farewell at the end of the school year is usually very emotional.

Zápis nových prvňáčků


Our school anually prepares a series of meetings for our future pupils and their parents led by experienced teachers. It is based on the execution of various mutual activities between kids and their parents as well as separate work. During these meetings children focus on practising of all school maturity levels (graphomotor skills, mathematical projections, thinking and language, auditory and visual perception, right-left orientation and spatial orientation). Thus the parents gain the unique opportunity to meet the future teachers and together make the kid´s entry to school easier.


The after-school club is attended by children from the 1st to the 5th grade and consists of five departments. It provides quality care for young children and offers them many free time activities. The after-school club supervisors promote active spending of children´s free time. They encourage a variety of physical activities aimed at engaging students in fun, recreational and life-long learning objectives. It has become a tradition that various theatre societies come to visit us with a nice performances and we also try to hold funny shows for children on occasion of International Day of Children. The enrolment of free time activities takes place in September. Our school also provides the after-school activities for older kids from the 6th to the 9th grade in the so called School Club. These children can enjoy working with computers, various sport activities or develop art and musician skills.



We regularly prepare various theme-focused days. Some events are meant for all grades, some are held either for the elementary school or for the middle school children, and some are prepared only for specific grades or even classes. We can mention for example Christmas Fair, the Easter Workshops, the School SuperStar, the Shool Carneval, the Atletic Olympics, the 9th Graders Farewell, Volleyball Tournaments, the Maths Competition, School Sleepovers for the 4th graders, School Radio, the International Day of Children etc.


Our school is fully equipped with relatively high-quality computer technology. There are three computer classrooms. Moreover, each classroom of the elementary school, each specialized classroom and all teacher´s rooms are equipped with one computer. The interactive whiteboards at the elementary school as well as in all specialized classrooms and newly installed interactive data projectors with white boards are also very much appreciated. A few years ago we started to realize a special project 1:1 in one class of the 8th grade. It means that each student of this class is given an efficient netbook with a variety of educational programs and uses it not only at school but also at home to prepare themselves for each subject and various projects. The whole school is interconnected with a quality school network and internet. Most of the students and teachers can also use wireless networking (WiFi). The complete wireless network coverage is supposed to be installed in the near future and thus should provide a perfect service for everybody. Our students may also use other modern digital technology such as a digital camera, a digital camcorder, data projectors, printers etc.

Seznamovací soustředění


Our school successfully builds partnerships between the teachers and the parents. Parents may get involved in all school events and we appreciate their help very much. We also founded the Parental Fund to support the financial side of free time activities for kids. Each family annually contributes a certain amount of money. This money is used for various competition rewards and rewards for helping others. It is also partially spent for school events such as Zátoň 1, Zátoň 2, the International Day of Children, the School Carneval, various sport tournaments, Christmas and Easter workshops, various kinds of competitions and material needed in after-school programs. Due to this successful collaboration between school and parents our school was awarded a certificate of Czech project called "Rodiče vítáni" (Parents Welcomed) last year.


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